Why image is important
and does society need imagemakers?


What is a personal A-brand?


In our country, there is still no unambiguous understanding of the specifics of this profession, and there are no more than a hundred real imagemakers, I want to emphasize imagemakers, not stylists. In Russia, this specialization is not codified, therefore, there are no uniform and clear requirements for these specialists, what they need to know, be able to and what services to provide. Despite this, interest in this profession is quite high, but most of those who are interested in this specialization do not even have an understanding of what kind of person this specialist should be, and what you need to work on yourself to be a real image maker. This specialization is not available to many, like professions such as a psychotherapist, teacher, doctor, all those who work with the human soul and body. There must be a special selection for these professions, which we do not have in our country yet.

So, let’s figure out what is the portrait of a real image maker?