Individuality -
is our priority!

Your questions - our decisions.

Closed corporate seminars.


  • company owners
  • top management
  • HR
  • sales department
  • secretary
  • personal staff

Examples of training topics:

  • etiquette in various business situations
  • self-presentation and business presentations
  • public speaking and negotiations, work with voice.
  • communication and communication
  • work with vip clients
  • leadership
  • business style and demeanor
  • self-management, goal-setting and personal effectiveness
  • time management

Preparation with difficult negotiations:

  • negotiations in another country
  • stressful negotiations
  • negotiations with potential investors
  • interviews
  • conflict situations

Assistance in the selection of personal personnel, taking into account your personality type, goals and lifestyle.

  • drivers
  • personal assistants and secretaries
  • financial advisor or investment advisor
  • personal lawyer
  • tutors for children
  • advisers in certain issues
  • home staff


  • Work with reputation threats.
  • Rebranding corporate image and brand.
  • Independent assessment of the image and brand of the company.
  • Accompanying in complex private matters.
  • Help in organizing complex business meetings.

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