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personal image and brand for your business growth.

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as one of the powerful tools
business monetization.

Obtaining the exclusive right to open a representative office of the League of Professional Image Makers in St. Petersburg from President of the League Shepel Viktor Maksimovich to use the LPI brand.

The right was obtained to issue officially recognized diplomas and certificates at the end of courses and training.

Creation of the first official website of the company.

Opening of the first office of the company.

Launch of the first annual Image Maker course.

Developing our own platform for online education.

Receiving a money grant for a unique idea of ​​business and benefit for society from the Development Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises in St. Petersburg for business development.

Moving to a new office in St. Petersburg.

A new set for the course Image Maker.

Starting online education.

Launch of new groups on the Image Maker course (set day and evening training).

Start-up course make-up artist, stylist.

The company’s participation as a sponsor in city events: “Beauty of Russia” beauty contests, beauty contests for expectant mothers, etc.

Company participation in International Beauty Expo “Nevsky Berega“.

In addition to training courses for Image Makers, stylists and makeup artists, we are beginning to conduct workshops and seminars at various companies on various types of etiquette.

New courses are starting: Hair Stylist and Personal Stylist under the direction of Nadezhda Sotnikova. The company in our office conducts courses for students of the St. Petersburg Institute of Cinema and Television.

New sets for the courses “Image Maker” and “Personal Stylist”.

Organization of the first training course on shopping for stylists in Europe (Germany, Frankfurt).

New programs for women in psychology.

Face-building workshops and healthy eating.

Corporate trainings for various companies and holdings (medical holding Veronika)

Moving to a new office.

Running two courses Image Maker.

For regions, the launch of express courses in stylistics.

Group shopping in Milan and Paris.

Master classes by Nadezhda Sotnikova in color and style.

Seminars on personality psychology.

Master classes in communication and coaching.

Regions come to us more and more actively to study, express courses in stylistics gather large groups 4 times a year.

Updated all major image and style programs.

The next launch of the course “Personal Stylist”.

Master classes in socio-mental culture “Eniostil”.

Master classes in financial literacy.

Master classes in the style of Nadezhda Sotnikova.

A large number of corporate seminars.

Providing key teachers Image – Profi for conducting programs on etiquette, image, style and aesthetics of movement and elegance of manners in the “Austrian Lady School”.

Courses on image, stylistics and etiquette, seminars on psychology, voice and speech gymnastics and oratory.

Continued cooperation with the “Austrian Lady School”.

Work with private clients to create a personal image and personal brand.

Launch of a new project with Galina Rubleva for Italy group restaurant.

Conducting a course of 10 etiquette lessons in the Goose Goose restaurant.

Conducting workshops for CEOs and top managers of the Russian office of Oriflame

Master classes for various schools (for example, the Other School project) of clubs and organizations.

Launch of a new full-time correspondence course on image.

New groups for the Image Maker course.

Conducting workshops and webinars for Oriflame in different cities of Russia.

Work with private clients to create a personal image and personal brand.

Launch of personal webinars on the elegance, image and personal brand of Galina Rubleva

Organization of live copyright workshops on image, style, etiquette and elegance.

The beginning of the work of Galina Rubleva on her first art book “(For) the Birth of a Woman” and the Work Book “50 Skills of a Happy Woman”.

Creation of the Youtube channel of Galina Rubleva.

The author’s course on elegance and femininity “The First Lady” of Rubleva Galina is online.

Start of rebranding at Image Profi.

Moving to a new office on Krestovsky Island.

A set for two new courses: “Personal image maker for working with women” and “Corporate image maker and expert on a personal brand”.

The book of Rubleva Galina “(For) the birth of a woman” is written.

Work with private clients to create a personal image and personal brand.

Completion of courses on image and personal brand in a live format.

Conducting live seminars on women’s self-realization in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi.

Work with corporate clients to create the image of the company and personal image, personal brand of managers.

Work with private clients to create a personal image and personal brand.

IP agency company is a rebranding of the educational and consulting company Image-Profi, League of Professional Image Makers (city of St. Petersburg).

Our company has been successfully operating in the market of educational and consulting services since 2009.

Over 10 years of work in the company, author’s educational programs have been created to train personal and corporate image makers, etiquette experts, stylists, and personal brand consultants. For all educational programs, about 800 course participants were graduated.

We conducted 480 copyright trainings and master classes for b2c, b2b on personal image, style, etiquette, personal brand, self-management, personal effectiveness and business psychology.

At the moment, we have focused all our attention on providing services in the field of creating a personal, corporate image and brand, as well as providing a wide range of services aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of life of clients.

Our clients are 5 target audiences: businessmen, entrepreneurs, top managers, startups, and those who are in search of themselves and their mission.

We offer different formats of work: individual consulting, turnkey solutions, training in master groups, and work with a personal mentor.

In 2020, the company released 3 groups of the master group on personal brand. Created a private club based on a personal brand for our clients for detailed analysis of cases of club members.

IP Agency company has opened a “first school of soft skills”, this school is not about financial management and the basics of doing business. It’s about how to use your strengths in entrepreneurship and develop flexible skills. Together with knowledge, you will get a big leap in personal development. This is the first school that teaches how to build a business in accordance with their values and their own vision. Also in 2020, IP group of companies opened a creative Agency “Main All” for brand visualization, creating online projects, in which the team has accumulated for the past 10 years.


Daniil Borzenko

Founder of IP Agency

Daniil Borzenko
  • Founder of IP Agency.
  • Businessman 11 years+.
  • Founder of companies:
  • Commodities trading,
  • Production of equipment,
  • AI video systems production,
  • IT.

Galina Rubleva

CEO IP Agency

Galina Rubleva
  • Personal and corporate image maker.
  • An expert in creating a personal brand in business.
  • An expert in self-presentation and personal effectiveness.
  • The author of training programs for image makers and stylists.
  • 20 years of business consulting experience.
  • 18 years of teaching experience, including in universities of St. Petersburg and the Urals.
  • Member of the League of Professional Image Makers.
  • Writer (pseudonym in Gala Stein literature)

Our clients

  • Founders of companies

    We create strong corporate brands, business reputation and personal image with for them.

  • Entrepreneurs

    They create with us a personal brand, the brand of their project / service / product. Strengthen positioning and recognition.

  • Top managers

    Increase competitiveness,
    personal effectiveness, enhance self-presentation, business and personal image.

  • Start-ups

    Create a company / product brand from scratch, build with us a strategy for positioning and promotion.

  • Those who are in search of themselves

    They undergo personal psychological and professional diagnostics and determine their resource and self-realization strategy in 4 directions.