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Turnkey Service Packages for Top Managers


If you are a leader, you like it, and you plan to advance your career in Russian or Foreign companies, and perhaps plan to start your own business in the future, then you may be interested in the following questions.

✅ Strive to increase your professional rating, and apply for a higher position, this is easy to do with a clearly built image and self-presentation. Consultation on career counseling, work with a personal mentor on image, personal positioning and psychologists are suitable for you.

✅ Do you plan to change the company or the specifics of your business or find a job in Europe, Asia or the USA, then you need not only to update your resume, but to prepare a new self-presentation, oral and written, and build your image in accordance with the expectations and mentality of the new employer.

✅ Perhaps you do not fully understand your unique abilities and talents, character traits, your resource, and your personality type as a leader, and this is very important for professional and personal self-realization. Then you will be interested in a personal psychological diagnosis.

✅ Perhaps you are a workaholic - a perfectionist, and you like to study, develop, and all your time takes work and thoughts about projects, then you may not have enough time for your personal life, hobbies, friends, as a result, your life balance is violated, which leads to dissatisfaction and one-sided implementation. Then you can order life coaching and conduct an audit of your life.

✅ Perhaps you are visited by thoughts about creating your own business or project, but you don’t know which niche to choose, where to start, maybe you would be interested in building your business on a strong personal brand. Then, it makes sense to start with a personal diagnosis or go in for a master group.

If any of the questions is close to you and interesting, then we have developed for you packages of INDIVIDUAL consulting services on various topics: from Image to turnkey self-presentation, from life coaching to psychological diagnostics. In addition, if you are interested in the topic of creating your personal brand or business, there is the opportunity to engage in a special training master group to create a personal brand.

Leave us your question or request for an online or personal meeting, in order to find out all the options for interaction.