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Master Group for Entrepreneurs


If you have been working for yourself for a long time, and are either an EXPERT, AUTHORITY, ROLE MODEL, OPINION LEADER or build your life business on a PERSONAL BRAND, or you own a small company or a number of projects offline or online, or you are a BLOGGER be interesting solutions to the following tasks:

✅ Creating a personal and professional image;

✅ Formation of a strong personal brand and business reputation;

✅ Branding of their products and services;

✅ Strengthening of its visual positioning by creating a style and effective self-presentation in media and social networks;

✅ Creation of a “selling” autobiography and texts;

✅ Mastering the skills of public speaking, and various negotiation strategies;

✅ You have a budget deficit and want to invest money effectively in your brand or business, but don’t know how to do it right.

✅ You want to increase the cost of your services, and earn more through a strong personal brand;

✅ You want to learn how to effectively use your social networks and grow your loyal target audience;

✅ You need personal marketing;

✅ You want to grow not only as a professional and an expert in your field, but also as a businessman;

✅ You are tired of doing everything yourself, and working 11-14 hours a day, and you want to create your own strong business, debug business processes, assemble your team, and enter new markets and grow globally.

Our company has developed integrated, as individual solutions to the image, self-presentation, personal and corporate brand, as well as you can get into the master group to create a personal brand or the consciousness of your own business.


The program of the course for 15 lessons.

Online format.

This course has been specially created for you if:

  • You work a lot, and you can’t sit down and do not bring your thoughts into perfect order about yourself, your life, understand your goals, plans, strategies and the path of self-realization.
  • You want to put your affairs in order and structure your entire activity.
  • You often think about your image, style, positioning, and think about what you need a personal brand, more understandable channels of communication with your customers, and personal marketing.
  • You have a feeling that you are not earning enough, and in some ways are ineffective.
  • You have a new stage in your life, and you want to reach a new level of development, norms and financial well-being.
  • You have been in your business for many years, and you need to structure everything that you have done during this time, there is a need for rebranding.
  • Perhaps you are starting a new business and you need a new positioning of yourself.
  • You have no time to understand modern tools, and you do not understand how to apply to yourself and your type of activity what is happening on the Internet and on your market for goods or services.
  • You love not just learning and gaining knowledge, but it is important for you to understand the depth and essence of the processes, and to see them and yourself in a general context, and not isolated from each other.
  • You like to understand psychology, image, style, marketing and business.
  • You do not like the idea of ​​business for business, money for money, you want real self-realization, and see the point in what you do.
  • You do not like samopriar, it’s hard for you to run social networks, and you think that, on the one hand, you need to do this, but on the other, you don’t want to. And you want to understand whether you need to do this and, if so, how to do it easily, organically and beautifully.

Course Objectives:

✅ Understand yourself better as a person and as a professional. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, learn to consciously use your resource, understand your motivation, mission and values, and outline the vectors of self-realization.

✅ Start consciously building your image and self-presentation.

✅ Set goals related not only to professional activities, but also to self-realization

✅ Understand your target audience, your niche and market, and your USP.

✅ Form the core of the brand and development strategy.

✅ Form a personal promotion strategy.

The objective of the course is to answer 6 fundamental questions:

  • Who am I? What is my uniqueness and purpose? This will be the core of your brand.
  • What are my long-term goals and strategy?
  • How to build an effective image?
  • What am I doing, in which niche and for whom?
  • What is the uniqueness of my experience / product / service. What am I selling?
  • What is personal marketing? What tools are suitable for the realization of my goals?


At the end of the course you will have the following results:

  1. A clear positioning of myself, and a self-presented presentation, and I - the story in different formats.
  2. Clear positioning of their services or products, with an understandable branding strategy, pricing system and marketing policy.
  3. The concept of your personal and professional image and style.
  4. A clear understanding of their customers, their psychology, points of contact with them, their worldview and values, and why they choose you.
  5. Properly designed social networks and the concepts of all other presentation materials.
  6. Content and photo plan.
  7. Clearly set goals for the coming year, both personal and professional, marketing - a strategy and understanding of selling tools and a sales plan.

ONLY 10 people are invited to the course!

  • professionals in their field, with extensive experience of 5 years in a niche.
  • people are experts or authorities in their niches.
  • those who have received a new profession, and there is still no understanding of how to professionally realize themselves in a new business;
  • Entrepreneurs
  • freelancers;
  • creative personalities (makeup artists, stylists, decorators, designers, artists, photographers).
  • novice bloggers.


  1. What is a personal brand and corporate brand. Why a brand must be authentic. Why do you need a personal brand, what does it give? Who definitely does not need a personal brand. Types of people brands. Signs of the brand. Effective brand criteria.
  2. Personal brand and self-realization in 4 vectors: gender, professional, creative and social. How to set goals. Formula: BDI. How to find a balance. How
  3. Destination and Personal Brand are related.
  4. Positioning: personal mission, personal vision, and key roles.
  5. Define a niche and your market. Professional positioning. Assessment of experience, ZUN. Integration with personal positioning. We determine the strengths and growth areas.
  6. Who am I as a person? My type of character. What are my strengths and weaknesses. 4 basic functions. Determining the type of destination, lifestyle, method of achieving goals, socialization and pain points that can become a threat to reputation.
  7. Self-presentation is the art of managing impression. Three channels of self-presentation. Image structure and technology for building a personal and professional image.
  8. Your style. Visual codes. The psychology of color. Psychology of style.
  9. Verbal and communicative image. Features of extroverts and introverts in communication, how to use your strengths. The art of story-tellinga. Types of oral self-presentations. Technology for preparing public speaking.
  10. Mental image. Your values ​​and way of thinking. Brand energy. What is your charisma. Why are you attractive to Central Asia?
  11. My target audience. Types of my customers. My anti audience.
  12. What am I selling? To whom I sell and in which market? What do I want to earn? My beliefs about money. Price and value.
  13. My CA and anti-CA, the creation of USP for different customers and products. Sales methods and sales tools.
  14. What is personal marketing, and PR. Tools and promotion strategies. Communication channels with the audience. Content strategy and plan.
  15. What sales are and how sales are related to personal marketing.
  16. Summarizing the course and analyzing the development strategy of a personal brand.

The volume of the training program: 120 hours (45 hours of training in the master group + 30 hours of chatting + 45 hours - work with homework).